3d models from Sketchup turns black when imported

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3d models from Sketchup turns black when imported

Post by antots26 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:46 pm

I have a problem with this situation when I imported 3D files from Sketchup. The 3D file is about 3 storey building. Some walls are fine since I painted it with a white color in Sketchup. WHen I imported it from Dialux, some walls and other textures turns black. and I am tired of reverting its colors in sketchup . It comes and it goes. Some where solved, and some black color still there. and the worst thing is, When I try to revert colors in sketch up, other walls turns black too. How to solve this? Please help.

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Re: 3d models from Sketchup turns black when imported

Post by Csuleiman » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:25 am

Dear antots26,

3DS models consists of several surfaces. But behind these surfaces there is nothing in contrast to volume models. One further characteristic is that these surface can only be seen from one side, from the other side it is possible to look through this surface like if it is invisible. Sometimes this behavior is causing some problems so that certain surfaces are not displayed correctly. The solution in this case is to display surfaces double sided. The corresponding surface will be rotated so that it can be seen from the other side too. I suppose this could be the solution for your problem.

As we are not so familiar with Sketchup we do not know how to do it there. But maybe you will find a feature in Sketchup and check these surfaces.

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