Bug / limitiation with illumination points + new feature suggestions!

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Bug / limitiation with illumination points + new feature suggestions!

Post by mesrop_lighting » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:16 pm

recently I encountered a problem with the joints/illumination point feature, which, come to think of it, can happen quite often, especially during the all-important installation phase of large scale exterior projects like stadiums.
Here is what happened - I did the lighting layout based on a Google Earth image, with a somewhat "random" 0;0;0 coordinate system starting point. During the installation phase, I re-set the coordinate system to align with the lines in the sports field itself, making it easier for the installers to determine those aiming points on-site.
However, to my surprise the illumination point data for all the fixtures didnt change at all, meaning the way this feature works is completely isolated from the global coordinate system in evo and never updates accordingly. What made things almost impossible for me was the fact that I also rotated the whole site during the re-alignment, which meant that I couldnt manually determine the difference between new and old values for X and Y, because after the rotation it was different for every fixture (actually, for every point in the project).
The workaround was to stick with the default rotation and determine the deltas between new and old values to then use that to get the real, updated illumination point coordinates for all fixtures at once with the help of Excel. But this meant I still couldnt perfectly align it with the field.
In my opinion, this can definitely be considered a bug/limitation/oversight and hope you guys will add it to your list of fixes/improvements.
And while you are at it, consider also this - even if the data had updated accordingly, I still had to export them to Excel one-by-one, which is really time consuming when you have like 50-100 luminaires, not to mention all the copy-pasting leaves the door open for the inevitable mistake. So having a one click-export feature would really be great.

Other suggestions:
- the yellow arrow showing the aiming point is often very hard to spot, not to mention it disappears if the fixture itself is out of the viewport, making it only really suitable for small indoor projects. I suggest having a better, more visible arrow which can still be there if the fixture is out of the viewport, but remains selected.
- the current "export angle as CSV file" only works with fixtures which have "joints". It would have been better if it worked with conventional fixtures as well.
- and come to think of it, it would have been really amazing if every single fixture in the project would automatically get an aiming point data. Often users rotate the fixture itself, meaning the aiming data still reads as 0;0;0 if it hasnt been used. This would be the perfect tool to give on-site installers all the data they need.

If all of these improvements were to be made, the aiming features of evo would rise to a whole new level instead of just being there like it is now.
Hope you guys will find these helpful and implement them in future versions of evo.

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Re: Bug / limitiation with illumination points + new feature suggestions!

Post by T.Magenheimer » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:14 am

Dear mesrop_lighting,

Thank you very much indeed for your important feedback. We will be pleased to consider your suggestions for improvement in the roadmap of evo.

Best regards,
DIAL Support Team


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