Multithreading and performance

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Multithreading and performance

Post by Eklektik » Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:02 am

Hello, dear Dial, please tell me when DIALux Evo (further I speak about Evo) learns in multithreading?)
I have a computer for 2000+ euros in my workplace, but when I create a lot of rooms in DIALux, and each with a large number of objects inside, the calculation becomes incredibly long, and the processor (Core i7-7820X) (or rather, one of its core!) Is used at best by 40%. And sometimes, due to complex textures or complex geometry of objects, the DIALux crashes completely, using up all the RAM (32GB).
Perhaps, having taught DIALux to use the GPU or at least divide the execution of the program into threads, it will be much better to optimize it, speed up the calculation of complex projects and get rid of crashes. After all, DIALux was written in C #, there are all the means for this in the .NET.
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Re: Multithreading and performance

Post by Csuleiman » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:45 am

Hello Eklektik,

We are currently not using all the cores, but will parallelize more parts of the software in the future.

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DIAL Support Team


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