Things that DLX 4 do but EVO still don't

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Things that DLX 4 do but EVO still don't

Post by kikeblackberry » Mon Nov 28, 2022 8:30 pm

Hi, back in 2015 through this board I sent a list with 10 things that DLX 4 do but EVO don’t. Nowadays I have notice that version 4.13 has been removed from DIALUX’s download page what makes me think it would be the end of its era without doubt.
Even though, EVO has many improvements, and a long way has been traveled since its beta release in 2012, but as users we need EVO will do (at least) things that we used to do in version 4, so I made a new Wishlist with some features not included in EVO and we missed.

1. Street lighting:
DLX 4: It is possible to export all street lighting planning to an exterior scene with the option called “Insert Street into exterior scene”. It is very handful when planning exterior areas mixed with pedestrian and/or vehicles pathways.
EVO: Not implemented yet. It is hard and a time-consuming task to manually locate luminaries from street planning to the building and outdoor planning.

2. Street lighting:
DLX 4: A rendered 3D view is generated after calculation. Also, it could be shown in false colors.
EVO: Not implemented yet. No false color neither render image is generated on Evo 3D view.

3. Street lighting:
DLX 4: American standard RP-8-00 was implemented to allow lighting planning under IESNA rules.
EVO: Not implemented yet. It would be helpful to know if an updated American standard for road lighting could be implemented in the future as interior lighting standard does.

4. Exterior Scene (Sport facilities):
DLX 4: It has several and specific calculation objects for sport facilities lighting planning, which include the location of masts and camera positions. One of the characteristics that offers to designers a great help is what shows lighting levels calculations in real time. Another important feature are the uniformity gradients calculations.
EVO: Not implemented yet.

5. Exterior Scene (Sport facilities):
DLX 4: It is easy to locate and aiming several luminaries on a single mast.
EVO: Not implemented yet. If it is used, the process is quite difficult and tedious (it is not recommended).

6. Exterior Scene (Sport facilities):
DLX 4: Offers a tabular method (flood light table) to “fine tune” results allowing designer to change some parameters like aiming point, luminaire rotation, luminaire type, etc.
EVO: Not implemented yet.

7. Exterior Scene (Daylight):
DLX 4: Calculate and shows daylight and shadows on exterior scene. Also, some characteristic or functions like false color and calculation objects are allowed.
EVO: Not implemented yet.

8. Interior/ Exterior Scene:
DLX 4: To enhance lighting project presentation, allows you to create videos of design.
EVO: Not implemented yet.

9. Interior Scene:
DLX 4: The direct incidence of sunlight in the room (light by windows and/or skylights) can be simulated on a real-time basis. At the “Sun position” tab (top left of the graphical interface) there are two sliders. With these the date and time can be changed on a real-time basis and the path of the incidence light in the room can be simulated.
EVO: Not implemented yet.

10. Interior Scene:
DLX 4: Luminaires can exist in more than one control group.You can use one control group in more than one light scene.
EVO: Not implemented yet.


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Re: Things that DLX 4 do but EVO still don't

Post by T.Magenheimer » Tue Dec 13, 2022 7:51 am

Dear kikeblackberry,

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback!

We will forward your wishes and improvements to our product owners. They will take a closer look at these points and will plan them for future evo versions if necessary.

Best regards
Your DIAL Support Team


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